For stores interested in carrying our products, we offer wholesale options for most of our wood products. You can find our full wholesale catalog and place orders on the OrderSpace wholesale platform. 


Wholesale FAQs

Order Minimums: $200 Opening Order / $125 Reorder

Shipping: We ship via USPS, UPS, or FedEx. We cover 50% of the shipping cost for orders over $600. Shipping cost will be included in the order invoice.

Quantity Minimums: Minimum quantity of 3 per each design ordered (ex. 3 Light Montana Puzzles, 3 Dark Dino Puzzles, 3 MT Happy Camper Magnets, etc.)

Payment Terms: Payment is due upon invoicing for the first 3 orders. Subsequent orders are eligible for net 30 terms. A customer login account is required on the OrderSpace wholesale platform. Payment can be made via credit card.

Fulfillment Timetable: Fulfillment depends on order size and current inventory. Most orders ship within 1-4 weeks, however larger orders may require more time.